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FIRE BOSS® is the safe, clean and fast way to start your fire charcoal BBQ.

The finished product is a self-burning box designed with a handle to facilitate its transportation, storage and functioning.

The Fire Boss box contains 100% premium charcoal with no artificial flavour oils or binders, first quality kindling and paper.

We use exclusively pure lump charcoal, which emphasises subtle smoky aromas, offers a high heat production, and lacks of binders and fillers or toxic additives often present in briquettes.

The perfect solution for those seeking a more natural, traditional and convenient product.

"What if you could buy an Aussie made product that delivers a 99% fail proof solution to a build a successful fire, and also help others at the same time?

At Fire Boss®, our commitment is that our box delivers a convenient, safe and clean fire experience for you but besides of what it will do for you, we are committed on what it will do for others.

Every single Fire Boss® box is proudly put together by an Australian person with disabilities."




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